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SubjectRe: updating the RTC automagically
On 23 Nov 99, at 4:02, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> > But many systems set the RTC while running Win*ooze. That will affect
> > Linux time then.
> So what?? Do you tell me that linux should fix windows bugs? Or that linux

"coexistance", not "absolutism".

> should be able to magically able to detect that the time chenged while it
> was not running???

These issus have been discussed before, quite complete. I won't
repeat it here.

> > > Doing it that way is absolutely wrong. Write a userspace deamon to change
> > > the timezone, so people that really need the bloat can install it.
> >
> > That was what I had in mind roughly.
> Good. How about a syscall that would say, in effect: "on the next minute
> change, update the tzoffset".

But that can be done with an at or cron job as well, not to say by a
plain old user process.

> > > Last I looked, sysctl is not able to recalculcate timezone offsets
> > > regularly and schedule a timer for the next update. AFAIK it can only set
> > > and get values in the kernel, no complex formulas.
> >
> > Hmm.. signed offset of RTC from UTC, wouldn't that be enough?
> If done at regular intervals, yes. And since you then need something in
> userspace you do not need a syscall.

I can't follow your conclusion. "If we need something in userspace we
don't need a syscall".

> > The offset is a plain number every instant of time. Occasionally it
> > changes, but this is not the kernels task to do that (the change).
> > The kernel just does what is has been told to do (update the RTC or
> > not, but do that correctly).
> But this can already be done in userspace... why put it into the kernel???

Because the kernel deals with hardware. Please reflect what the real
problems with MS-DOS and Windows were: Programs accessing hardware
using non-standard, non-portable interfaces.

> This is my last post in this thread.
> "modprobe /localvol/usr/share/zoneinfo/right/Asia/Shanghai"



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