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SubjectRe: [gphoto-kodak] Re: Kodak DC-265 overrunning linux serial driver?
>>>>> "Brian" == brian  <> writes:

Brian> Matthew Wilcox gets the prize!

Brian> With X not running, I can download from the camera at 115200
Brian> without troubles. I've even switched to another console and
Brian> am composing this email while the camera downloads at 115200.

Ditto. Turning X off makes my downloads work, too. But that's not the
end of the story...

I played around with my setup a bit, and what I find out was that the
problem was not the X server, but a WindowMaker dock app called wmapm
that displays the status of the battery charge, etc. When I kill that
app, I'm able to download just with nearly no I/O errors.

Taking this further, I found that even this little bash script will
cause my downloads to fail:

while :; do apm; sleep 1; done

So it looks like Ted gets a share of the prize too: it's an APM-related
problem. Just having apmd running doesn't cause a problem, but querying
it with apm or wmapm does. This still leaves the mystery of why I can't
download on my desktop system, which doesn't run APM, but it gives me an
avenue of investigation.

BTW, by turning off wmapm, I can set the FIFO trigger back to 8 and
still download. 2.2 kernel, multiuser mode, no hdparm tricks. No APM,
no problem.


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