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SubjectRe: [gphoto-kodak] Re: Kodak DC-265 overrunning linux serial driver?
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 02:05:32 -0800

The problem will occur when there is no disk activity. One,
I took out all the writes to the local filesystem. Two, I
ran it on a remote fs.

You might want to try using a ram disk, to isolate out problems with the
networking card....

Bottom line, on my laptop 115200 dies right away all the time.

On the other hand, downloading pictures at 115200 on my laptop
works fine in single user mode.

So someone or something does seem to be holding of the servicing
of the serial interrupt in multi-user mode.

Umm.... that's *very* interesting. You might want to try gradually shut
down services (daemons) while you're in in multi-user mode and see if
that helps out your situation.

One daemon I might try as a first guess is apmd. It may be that your
APM bios is spending a long time with interrults off; apmd makes
periodically calls into the APM bios, and that might explain why it
works for you in single-user mode, but not in multi-user mode. This is
just a guess, but it seems to me to be a likely scenario.

- Ted

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