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Subject[terminal oom] Re: BUG 2.3.25: filemap.c
On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Jeff Garzik wrote:

> Kernel BUG() trap report:
> Recently released 2.3.25 (unpatched), M586TSC UP build. I ran the
> following program, which triggered a kernel oops via BUG(). oops output
> attached.


I couldn't reproduce the BUG() here (also M586TSC UP build), but did
manage to send my box into terminal OOM as a normal user. I didn't
adjust MEGS to reflect my 80Mb, nor is my only normal user (me) in
any way limited. As soon as swap is exausted, there is no recovery.
If klogd is running, I see a never ending string of VM: killing klogd.
Without klogd, once it killed proggy before it could OOM the box. It
seems that once OOSwap happens, the kernel can't actually kill anything.
(despite having over a meg of ram free, SysRq-[EL] only shot blanks)


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