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SubjectRe: jfs/linux
On 2 Nov 1999 wrote:
> >Why muck about with PCMCIA/IDE chipsets and CompactFlash when you can just
> >dump a chunk of NOR flash straight on your mainboard (or in a DIMM slot) and
> >use that?
> Because you can remove it from the system without using a screwdriver
> :-). This counts as a major plus for some of us. Plus, it's
> *trivial* to connect an ATA flash card reader to a mass-market
> motherboard and then throw PCMCIA or CF flash cards into it. It ends
> up costing ~$150 for 8MB of bootable, removable flash this way, and
> you can scale up to 400+ MB of flash, if you need it.

Well, for example, we build embedded devices with a $5 flash rom chip.
Being able to use that $5 chip instead of adding an ATA interface, a
PCMCIA interface and a $150 flash card, counts as a major plus for some
of us :)


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