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    SubjectRe: Kodak DC-265 overrunning linux serial driver?
    >>>>> "Ted" == Theodore Y Ts'o <> writes:

    Ted> Are you using an old IDE controller that does programmed I/O
    Ted> (i.e., no DMA?). If so, look at the man page for hdparm's -u
    Ted> option. That should make your problem go away. (The
    Ted> explanation for the -u option will also explain why this isn't
    Ted> the default.)

    Ted, I get the same buffer overrun on two modern systems: a brand-new
    Dell I3700 laptop, and a SCSI-only P2B-S motherboard. Furthermore, the
    problem will occur when there is relatively little disk activity. On
    the other hand, the error is much more frequent when there's significant
    CPU load.

    What about Brian's note about the overruns not occurring when he's
    running a 2.3 kernel? Is there any significant difference between the
    2.2 and 2.3 serial drivers that would account for this?

    Ted> The other fix is to use UART's with bigger FIFO's. The Oxford
    Ted> Semiconductor has a UART with a 128-byte FIFO, which is quite
    Ted> nice.

    Not really an option. We're trying to make a piece of software that can
    be used on J. Random User's PC.

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