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    SubjectRe: ENH: SysRq Screen-capture?
    Hi There!

    > >> Is it possible to put a screen-capture command in the SysRq
    > >> stuff? when the kernel panics, it'd be nice to capture the
    > >> screen it died on without having to spend ten minutes with
    > >> pencil+paper...
    > > Once it has paniced its a bit late and capture to disk might not
    > > be safe
    > > There are 3) answers
    > > 1. Serial console
    > > 2. Use a digital camera (yes I've even had people mail me jpgs
    > > of a crash)
    > > 3. if you need to use pen/paper then 99% of the time the only
    > > values you need are the EIP and the call trace.
    > Can I add a fourth for those able to use it that can't use any of the
    > above options...
    > 4. Use a camcorder to video the dump, then feed that into
    > your TV card and turn it into an mpg file.

    Coming from Amiga I'd suggest:

    5. Once you panic, write the output (+ some magic and/or
    checksum) into some fixed memory region and let the
    kernel recover it upon next bootup.

    Of course this requires some memory that is _not_ cleared at boot
    time -- I don't know whether that is available on all architectures.
    But it would be convenient to have something like /proc/sys/last_panic.

    Regards, Colin

    Dipl.-Inform. Colin Hirsch
    Research Group on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
    University of Technology Aachen Germany

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