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SubjectRe: Lockup in 2.2.14pre4
Alan Cox wrote:
> > This also happened in at least 2.2.13, almost always while my sister is
> > sending mail using hotmail, and always when using Netscape (AFAIR)
> The common symptom on the reports I have of this kind of problem (going
> back to 2.0 in fact) is that generally they involve netscape going into
> stupidity mode. Do you have resource limits set ?
> Alan
No. I'll try setting some limits. However I don't think that this
happened until I upgraded to RedHat 6.0 (about a week before 6.1 was
released), and enlightenment was installed. I'll try going back to fvwm2
for a bit. I was running 2.2 before that, so its not a kernel upgrade
that caused it.

The extra memory requirements of E is was made me think of an OOM
situation. If Netscape tries to grab excessive amounts of memory, and
we're low on memory, shouldn't it be killed?



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