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SubjectAllowing WAN card driver to be built-in to the kernel


I was investigating the possibility described in the subject and then I
found the file drivers/net/Space.c, where all probe functions from
configured devices are called from. However, it seems that this is
supposed to be used only by Ethernet devices.

In my case, I'm trying to allow a PCI WAN card driver to be built-in to
the kernel (it currently works fine as a module, but as it is a PCI card,
I'd like to have the built-in option available as well). I'm having so
many problems with this that it's not worth to describe them. Instead, I
think it would be faster if someone could tell me what I need to do and I
try to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Can anyone tell me how I could do this??

TIA and Regards,

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