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    SubjectRe: Getting system info from the kernel
    Alexander Viro wrote:
    > It would be reall nice if we had a generally accepted library with sane
    > interface that could be used by everything. Then the changes would be much
    > easier. Right now we have all sorts of spiffy little utilities (seriously
    > resembling DOS BBS collections - bad symptom in itself), each of them
    > doing its own thing in its own way. Yes, if they would directly use the
    > kernel memory it would be even worse. But even in the current form it's a
    > mess.

    libgtop from the GNOME project

    > > For the sysctl program used in boot scripts, add /proc/sys/ to the list.
    > /proc/sys is pretty regular and reasonable. Besides, sysctl(8) should not
    > use procfs - all we need is sysctlbyname(2) (check BSD manpages).

    ah, nice!

    Jeff Garzik | Just once, I wish we would encounter
    Building 1024 | an alien menace that wasn't immune to
    MandrakeSoft, Inc. | bullets. -- The Brigadier, "Dr. Who"

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