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SubjectRe: I2O support?
> Hi guys - could someone please tell me if any Linux kernel currently has
> support for I2O (Intelligent Input/Output)?

2.3.x we have support for PCI based I2O devices talking I2O lan, I2O scsi
and I2O block to I2O spec 1.5.

Linux 2.2 has a board specific driver the Red Creek VPN card and you can
get a board specific driver the DPT Decade/Century/Millenium series cards

> While I'm here - does anyone know what is a decent amount of I20 Cache for a
> RAID controller? We only seem to have 16Mb out of a possible 128Mb.. it has
> been suggested that this could be the cause of an IO bottleneck we're having
> with an HP NetServer LH4...

Unless the system is unusual you should get better performance by increasing
main memory rather than disk controller cache size. How much you want on the
board is obviously vendor specific.


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