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    SubjectRe: kiobuf using kernel pages
    On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Alan Cox wrote:
    |>> Trying to port the SGI lcrash code to 2.3.26 ix86. It compiles, runs,
    |>> traps the oops, starts writing the dump to swap, dies with -EFAULT in
    |>> sd_raw_rw. My guess is because the buffer address is c2c00000, i.e. I
    |>Firstly if your machine has crashed I wouldnt recommend invoking the scsi
    |>disk layer. If your partition info is corrupt or the scsi malloc pool is
    |>corrupt you could hit anything.

    Considering it's to a swap partition, I doubt there's a problem here.
    The SCBs should be doing to the device specified by /dev/vmdump - no


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