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Subject2.3.24 running system hangs

I'd like to point possible problem in 2.3.24. Sorry if this was
pointed out before.

I have been running 2.3.24 on single CPU PIII machine for
2-3 weeks now. The system suddenly freezes. This happend allready
about 4 times. Last time it happend was about 40 hours ago.

memory is 384 MB. original system is Suse 6.2. gcc I used to
compile the kernel is

>gcc --version

One time X crashed, and system froze. When this happend, the keyboard
becomes dead, no key combination result in any action, the keyboard
lights do not come on/off when hitting keys such as 'num lock' as
normally happens. I end up having to repower the PC.

one time I had no X running. Only the console. I came back in
few hrs, and the system was froze. One time it froze with the
screen guard running.

I am going back now to 2.3.22 to see if I notice this behaviour

any one else noticed this in 2.3.24?


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