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SubjectRe: Getting IOCTL's into VFS File System Drivers

Excerpts from internet.computing.linux-kernel: 10-Nov-99 Re: Getting
IOCTL's into VF.. by Michael Nelson@iapetus.c
> > If NT really does what you describe... Well, small wonder that it's so
> > bloated.
> As far as I know, Chkdsk, the FS-specific checking DLLs, etc... are all
> user mode code. I don't know what mechanism Jeff is referring to re: auto
> invoking chkdsk on volume mounts, so I can't say how that's accomplished
> (probably makes a callback to user mode to invoke the utilities).

What about a user level library of tools for each FS, kind of like how
Imlib handles different image file formats? That keeps the code in user
mode but would allow generic tools.

- Jim Bruce

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