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SubjectRe: StarOffice 5.1a problem
Dmitry Pogosyan wrote:
> Well, can I add few words, as an ordinary user, to StarOffice 5.1a
> dicussion.
> For example at my home, without StarOffice there will be no Linux running.
> And not that I need it personally, but my wife does, and she spends 5
> hours a day with computer doing work, and I'm just having fun with Linux.
> So as long as StarOffice/kernel combination does not work, at best
> I cannot upgrade to new kernel version, at worst I'll be back to Windows.

This is my problem almost exactly.
I also am using Linux professionally for industrial use.

We also am doing some MAJOR LINUX introduction work with some
high officials in Eastern Europe.
We hope see some mass movements to LINUX next year.

They are fed up with Windows and want to look at Linux
This StarOffice mixup is a bit of a shame at the moment.
A neat solution would be nice ..


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