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SubjectRe: Linux Buffer Cache Does Not Support Mirroring

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> We basically need a smarter cache than what's there. Eventually, Linux
> will evolve there (Since the page cache already resembles what's in NT).

Jeff, I know that it sounds extremely snub, but get a different
background, please. Make yourself aware of the existence of other Unices.
Page cache similar to the new Linux one was there in *BSD for years. You
are trying to map the things on NT design. Bad idea, since semantics is
different. You know, UNIX had evolved since 70s and personally I trust the
taste of UNIX developers community more than the taste of VMS folks. YMMV,
but I'm afraid that getting a compatible piece of background might be
useful. You are proposing the large changes in the core design and you
didn't even care to discuss the things on fsdevel? Thank you for gift,
but... somehow I'm not impressed by smartness of this strategy.

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