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SubjectRe: PUBLIC CHALLENGE: (was RE: devfs again, (was RE: USB device a lloc ation) )

On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Nathan Hand wrote:

> - UNIX-like /dev without UNIX-like rw fs (good for embedding on romfs)
Point taken, but without rw filesystem you are going to have a
nasty time with _many_ other things, including the persistency in devfs

> > Also: It is extra code, has to be maintained and updated, and has to be
> > accounted for in new driver developments. It _will_ add new bugs, even new
> > classes of bugs. This doesn't come for free.
> Well, perhaps all kernel developers should stop coding right now: you have
> equally well argued against all new features and drivers.

So all coding goes into new features and to hell with cleaning the mess
up, right? Damn, I understand Theo. Features are nice _iff_ you have a
half-decent implementation. Featuritis for its own sake leads to mosters
a-la NT and EMACS. Sheesh...

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