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SubjectRe: PUBLIC CHALLENGE: (was RE: devfs again, (was RE: USB device alloc ation) )
On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Riley Williams wrote:

> Hi Horst.
> >> The use of a config file to determine permissions/ownership is
> >> not foreign to the kernel or filesystems.
> > Name one use of configuration files for local
> > permissions/ownership on Unix/Linux.
> 1. Start with /etc/passwd which determines ownership of the actual
> user accounts not just on Linux but on every UNIX compatible
> operating system I've seen. Add /etc/group and /etc/shadow (if
> applicable) to that.

No... /etc/passwd maps numbers to names, the numbers are what
actually own the files.

> 2. Have a look at /etc/securetty which determines the ownership of
> terminals that the superuser can log into.

Again, a user-space config file for a user-space process

> 3. Have a look at /etc/hosts.{allow,deny,equiv} which determine
> which hosts have permission to access your system.

This is a config file read by user-space programs which accept

These are all config files for userspace programs, not the
same thing as a config-file for permissions on a filesystem...
Modifications to devfs modify kernel-space permissions, not
even file-system space permissions, although they look like filesystem
space permissions.


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