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SubjectRe: PUBLIC CHALLENGE: (was RE: devfs again, (was RE: USB device a lloc ation) )
On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Horst von Brand wrote:

> Shawn Leas <> said:
> > From: Horst von Brand []
> > >It stays in the source, developers have to take it into account,
> > >device drivers will have to be written both ways (devfs and not), ...
> > Wrong. The driver is written, and may or may not be adapted (with
> > only a few lines of code) to the device FS.
> It impacts all drivers then. Case closed.
Having _actually_ dealt with a non-devfs driver under devfs:
1. I had to make 0(zero)(NULL) changes for the driver to work
with devfs. None. Nada. Not a line, character, or bit.

2. Once devfs was installed I was able to make significant
behavioral changes with many fewer lines of code than
those changes would otherwise have taken. Less debugging,
cleaner result.

3. It wasn't until several weeks _after_ I had hacked all of
this that I noticed that there were special functions
available for devfs that would have let me do _more_!

Daniel Taylor Senior Test Engineer Digi International Open systems win.

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