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    SubjectName change for /etc/conf.modules
    The use of /etc/conf.modules is inconsistent with all (?) other /etc
    configuration files. The fact that modutils will read conf.modules or
    modules.conf has lead to ambiguities, users have updated modules.conf
    but modutils read conf.modules instead. To add insult to injury,
    modutils-2.1 reads modules.conf first, modutils-2.2 and 2.3 read
    conf.modules first.

    * *
    * modutils will be changed to use modules.conf instead of *
    * conf.modules. *
    * *

    Obviously this has to be a gradual changeover to allow users,
    distributions and other packages that refer to conf.modules to convert
    to the standard name. Since modutils already uses modules.conf if
    conf.modules does not exist, you can rename /etc/conf.modules to
    /etc/modules.conf right now and it will work, even on modutils 2.1.

    Starting with modutils-2.3.4, it will :-

    (a) Try to read from modules.conf first. This is inconsistent with 2.2
    and earlier versions of 2.3 but it is consistent with modutils-2.1
    which is the only version on most distributions.

    (b) If modules.conf does not exist, read conf.modules. Issue a warning
    message recommending that it be renamed to modules.conf. modules
    will load.

    (c) If both files exist and conf.modules is not a hard link or symlink
    to modules.conf, issue a warning message that tells the user which
    file was read and recommends the removal of conf.modules. modules
    will load.

    (d) If neither file exists, use the builtin default list.

    The above behaviour will become part of modutils-2.4, created when
    kernel 2.4 is released. modutils version numbers track the kernel
    version and patchlevel.

    Starting with modutils-2.5.0 (created when kernel 2.5 is released), it
    will :-

    (a) Only read from modules.conf.

    (b) If modules.conf does not exist but conf.modules does exist then
    issue an error message requiring that conf.modules be renamed to
    modules.conf. Modules will not load.

    (c) If both files exist, issue an error message requiring the user to
    put all the data in modules.conf and erase conf.modules. It does
    not matter if conf.modules is a link, it must be removed. Modules
    will not load.

    (d) If neither file exists, use the builtin default list.

    This will let users use either filename with warnings for 2.3 and 2.4
    kernels, only when 2.5 starts will conf.modules cause an error. Errors
    will only appear for most users when kernel 2.6 is released. That
    should leave plenty of time for users, distributions and other packages
    to upgrade to the standard name.

    modutils can be found in 2.3.3
    will be out shortly with some minor bug fixes.

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