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SubjectRe: [2.2.{12,13p15}] PPP uploads fizzle out and die (tcpdump info incl.)
> >and serial_cs.o. So I guess the question is hardware problem (modem), software
> >problem (driver), or wetware problem (me configuring something wrong <g>)?

i'm seeing the either same problem or something similar and can reproduce it
fairly easily.


pentium 75 laptop, linksys 10/100+56k modem (pcnet_cs)
redhat 5.2 userspace
2.2.12 stock kernel
ppp built and loaded as a module
pcmcia 3.1.1 (also happens with 3.0.14)

mtu/mru set to 1500

what appears to happen (via kdebug from pppd) is that it receives an oversize
packet (1506) which then causes it to have all of the subsequent frames fail

> Just to try to collect some more data. Did you tried to increase the
> txqueuelen to an insane value (50) so that the sched layer won't drop
> packages (but queue them) if they can't be sent to the hardware yet? It
> completly hides the proble here (see my other email).

i will try that.

-- craig

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