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    ls /dev/
    cdrom@ initctl| ppp sg/ vc/
    console kmem printers/ sound/ vcc/
    cpu/ loop/ ptmx sr/ zero
    cua/ mem random tts/
    fb/ mouse@ root@ tty
    full null rtc tty0
    gpmctl= port sd/ urandom

    just that, and I repeat, if you like it you set it, if not you
    don't, it's difficult I know, but I hope someday you get it.

    - german

    One O.S. to rule them all, | German Gomez Garcia
    One O.S. to find them. |
    One O.S. to bring them all |
    and in the darkness bind them. | "Wur Qanar Wur Stilor Wur Kas"

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