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SubjectRe: Hybrid Thread/Process/Syscall Interprocess Communication?
"Bill Rugolsky Jr." wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 05, 1999 at 11:37:01AM -0400, Jordan Mendelson wrote:
> > Has any thought been given to the idea of allowing different processes to call
> > each other's functions in their respected process space similar to how
> > programs call kernel functions via syscalls?
> One approach is the Solaris Doors design. There is a
> Linux/Doors project; even outperforms Solaris on some benchmarks. :-)

Well I was thinking more along the lines of how dlopen() works with shared
libraries, except that the symbols you are importing will execute in the
remote process's address space.

With this you would incur a penalty, but it should be nowhere near the doors
penalty, I was thinking a few microseconds at the most. Even SVID RT message
queues can be delivered in less than a microsecond on a P2 266.


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