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SubjectRe: Wrong bogomips after plugging in AC power
My laptop, an ARM TS3100 (Celeron 433) seems to do something like this.
Specifically, the system clock looses a lot of time, something like 10
minutes to the day. I suspect that the system, when idle, automatically
underclocks for power/heat saving, thus somehow slowing down the system
time... It's very annoying, since I have to constantly correct the system
time to my watch to get it to set correct timestamps and such.

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Pavel Machek wrote:

> Hi!
> So I've now confirmed that my toshiba can speed-up its cpu under some
> circumstances. When it is powered up while batteries are low (<20%
> will work), it will start with cpu at 150MHz, and bogomips are
> computed accordingly.
> If I plug it into AC power, it will speed up to 300MHz, but bogomips
> still have "slow" value. Therefore all udelays are wrong by factor of
> two -- udelay(50) will only wait approx. 25usec. That seems pretty
> dangerous to me. Maybe we need some other source of short loops?
> Pavel
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