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SubjectRe: FD array expansion problem
On Sat, Oct 30, 1999 at 06:16:16PM +1000, Keith Owens wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Oct 1999 09:07:15 +0200,
> Ralf Baechle <> wrote:
> >MIPS II instruction set and better and the Alpha don't have an xchg
> >equivalent but ll / sc instructions, which are more universal. Using
> >them to implement an xchg-like implementation however ends up as a
> >a loop of at least five instructions which we'de prefarably want to avoid.
> Same problem on i370. No atomic exchange, not even atomic inc, it all
> has to be done using compare and swap and loop until successful.

We don't have ll/sc instructions or compare-and-swap on pa-risc.
I'd really like to be able to do this without disabling interrupts,
but I don't think there's a way.

Matthew Wilcox <>
"Windows and MacOS are products, contrived by engineers in the service of
specific companies. Unix, by contrast, is not so much a product as it is a
painstakingly compiled oral history of the hacker subculture." - N Stephenson

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