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SubjectRe: access beyond end of device errors in 2.2.13pre18 AND 2.2.5

On Thu, 28 Oct 1999 17:52:49 +0200, "P.A.M. van Dam"
<> said:

> As replied earlier, I'm not using NFS (knfsd) and experience the "beyond
> end of device" messages while doing extensive IO on a 4-way striped LV.
> A single LV gives no problem.

Yes, but my reply was to another user with another fault.

This is exactly why this problem is so hard to track down --- when
something random goes wrong in the OS, users often notice it first as
filesystem corruption (I saw exactly the same thing when working on VMS
filesystem internals for DEC).

In this case we have a known knfsd fault which explains some of the
problems. The bulk of the other reports have been traced to hardware
problems, or to memory scribbles caused by other bits of the kernel in
certain specific kernel versions.

If you are only seeing the problem on a specific complex LV volume, then
that suggests that either you are getting data corruption from one of
the drives on that LV (over-long IDE cables, for example, or drives with
known firmware bugs have all shown it in the past), or that there is an
LV bug somewhere.


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