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SubjectRe: binfmt_aout.c
On Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

>I attach your message to linux kernel on 11/Oct/1999. Please attach an
>apology by return of email

Alan I don't want to be right at all costs, I have really no one problem
to admit when I am wrong. I am an human and as an human it's normal I am
wrong sometime.

>o zmagic-only-fix -> fix a bug in the a.out code that
> will cause a segfault if triggers.

I quoted the same email as well. The above one is the only patch I pointed
out about zmagic stuff in my email.

Now have a look at my ftp area:

andrea@alpha:~/kernel/ > find -name zmagic-only-fix\*
andrea@alpha:~/kernel/ > zcat ./patches/v2.2/2.2.13pre14/zmagic-only-fix.gz
--- 2.2.13pre14/fs/binfmt_aout.c Tue Sep 28 18:32:37 1999
+++ /tmp/binfmt_aout.c Sat Oct 2 23:32:33 1999
@@ -424,7 +424,7 @@

if (!file->f_op || !file->f_op->mmap) {
- do_mmap(NULL, 0, ex.a_text+ex.a_data,
+ do_mmap(NULL, N_TXTADDR(ex), ex.a_text+ex.a_data,
read_exec(bprm->dentry, fd_offset,
The above one is the _only_ patch I proposed you for inclusion into
2.2.13. I am been very paranoid in what I sent you to merge and I wanted
only obviously right stuff in it. That's the reason I generated the
zmagic-only-fix in first place.

I am also sure I only proposed you only the zmagic-only-fix, because I
developed the zmagic-5.gz on 16 October and the email was of 10 October:

andrea@alpha:~ > ls -l kernel/v2.2/2.2.13pre17/zmagic-5.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 andrea andrea 1419 Oct 16 17:11 kernel/v2.2/2.2.13pre17/zmagic-5.gz
If you have a mirror you can get the confirm of when I uploaded zmagic-5
from the emails you get from the mirror daemon.

If you see something not matching between my email and the ftp area, don't
worry to cross-check with me via email and I'll always give you an answer


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