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SubjectRe: kernel panic on 8way server
I have the same problem. Here is some more data:

2.2.12 does work fine
2.3.21 w/ bigmem oopses directly after memory detection
2.3.21 w/o bigmem does mount the root fs but then failes to run
/sbin/init with error únable to load interpreter. (Yes I did
configure bin_fmt_elf!)
2.3.22 w/ bigmem does mount the root fs and nothing happens any more.

I append the kernel messages of 2.3.22 and 2.2.12 to this message.
(2.3.22 disables serial console in the serial driver init, so it is
truncated. Any idea how to work around this? 2.2.12 does this fine


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