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    SubjectRe: Why is traffic shapper still in 2.3.x?

    > i do read those docs, religiously. but things that didn't work in the
    > past,

    Hmm... Then report it as bug. The document and kernel are expected
    to be in sync. The only discrepance found since May was fixed in 2.2.11.

    > 200.0.0.x netA
    > \_____________ linux ip router -> internal lan.
    > /
    > 100.0.0.x netB
    > i need the linux ip router box to send packets for netA to netA with a
    > source address in netA, and for netB to netB from netB.

    One way to make this is to use "src" option on all the routes
    going to netA and netB.

    > and i just discovered the importance of flushing routes, please make that
    > a BOLD item in several places throughout the documentation.

    Yes, I have already heard that it is not evident. I promise to bold
    this statement 8)

    > also, is there a way to flush rule tables? not singular, but the entire
    > thing save the local/main/253?

    Does shell script flushing all the tables with
    "ip route flush table $tableid" not work?


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