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SubjectRe: Buggy HLT instruction in Cyrix M2 or error in ATAPI CDROM code ?
> I tried to find how many cycles it takes for the cyrix to wake up from 'hlt
> mode'. There's good (approx. 150 pages) mii_all.pdf on the cyrix site, with

The Cyrix goes from the TSC stopped and really powered right down so it could
well be longer but that is speculation

> My (humble) theory is that the CPU misses the interrupt or cannot react in
> timely fashion when in 'hlt mode' and my Maxtor hard drive just waits a little
> bit longer than the CDROM .

Interrupts are queued. The flow is

Hardware raises PCI IRQ
Chipset passes it on to CPU
CPU must perform some action to the hardware to make the hardware drop it

So if the CPU is asleep the IRQ stays asserted.


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