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SubjectRe: /proc-tools hang under 2.3.22
On 18 Oct 1999, Kjetil Torgrim Homme wrote:

>Tools like top and ps from ps-99.4.14 (build 17 from SuSE) hang hard
>when run (ie. won't be killed by -9). Of course, I have init-scripts

I fixed it some minute ago (sorry I overlooked a copy-user call while
fixing assorted races in /proc/):


>that it can't find support in the kernel. I see others get it to work
>if they compile it into the kernel. I'm running ppp 2.3.10. Do I
>have to upgrade some tools?

Yes, have a look at Documentation/Changes

Note also that 2.3.22 has a deadlock condition the TCP/IP code (precisely
in /proc/net/tcp) that may lead to process not killable too (I triggered
it the first time while running pppstats -w 1).

I fixed such network deadlock too some week ago; this is my fix that will
go fine on the top of 2.3.22:



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