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    SubjectRE: IP Masq weirdness
    Fair enough :)

    As a general question, both of these ips will have the same gateway. It's a
    point to point interface, so i didn't specify a gateway for the ip i added,
    but the dialup ip has a peer entry. So this is in ip_masq_user.c:

    if ((ret=ip_route_output(&rt, rt_daddr, rt_saddr, tos, 0 /* dev
    */))) {
    IP_MASQ_DEBUG(0-debug, "could not setup maddr for routing
    daddr=%lX, saddr=%l$
    ntohl(rt_daddr), ntohl(rt_saddr));
    return ret;
    dev = rt->;
    ums->maddr = ip_masq_select_addr(dev, rt->rt_gateway,

    Doesn't this look up the output device, then choose an address for the local
    connection from the device list, but base it on the gateway instead of the
    destination? Is that correct?

    It looks like the devinet change will just select the first ip now instead
    of the last (2.2.10). Not sure what that was fixed for. It should fix my
    problem, but then if i add a 3rd ip, and i'm still choosing the middle ip
    with ip route, it should use the 3rd ip.

    Or i could be wrong. I"m trying to understand. :)

    Joseph Gooch

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    > Subject: Re: IP Masq weirdness
    > Hello!
    > > Why does it have to be outside of the ip_masq code?
    > I was asked and I tried to locate the reson inside area of my
    > competence 8)8)
    > Alexey

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