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SubjectRe: diff -X exclude_file for patching live kernels?
On Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:00:42 +0100 (BST), 
Tigran Aivazian <tigran@sco.COM> wrote:
>Does some kind soul have an exclude file for being able to run
>diff -urN -X exclude_file linux linux-patched > my.patch 2>&1

I check every Linux version into a local PRCS tree and run prcs diff
with this exclude list. Some of the names are PRCS specific but this
list excludes all the files that the kernel and users (.swp) can build.

(Populate-Ignore (
"#.*$" "^,.*$" ".*/,.*$" ".*\\$$" ".*\\.BAK$" ".*\\.Z$" ".*\\.a$"
".*\\.bak$" ".*\\.elc$" ".*\\.exe$" ".*\\.ln$" ".*\\.o$" ".*\\.obj$"
".*\\.olb$" ".*\\.old$" ".*\\.orig$" ".*\\.rej$" ".*\\.s$" ".*\\.so$"
".*_MODULES$" ".*~$" "CVS$" "CVS\\.adm$" "ID$" "RCS$" "RCSLOG$"
"SCCS$" "TAGS$" "\\.#.*$" "\\..*depend$" "\\.del-.*$"
"\\.make\\.state$" "\\.nse_depinfo$" "_\\$.*$" "bootsect$" "build$"
"core$" "cvslog\\..*$" "ksymoops$" "modversions\\.h$" "setup$"
"tags$" "typescript.*$" "vmlinux$" "vmlinux\\.out$" "vmlinuz$"
"zImage$" "*.swp$" "\\.swp$" "^\\.version$" "^\\.menuconfig\\.log$"
"^\\.menuconfig$" "^\\.config$" "^scripts/mkdep$"
"^scripts/lxdialog/lxdialog$" "^patchlist$" "^include/asm$"
"^include/linux/compile\\.h$" "^include/linux/autoconf\\.h$"
"^include/linux/version\\.h$" "^drivers/sound/local\\.h$"
"^drivers/sound/\\.defines$" "^drivers/char/uni_hash\\.tbl$"
"^drivers/char/conmakehash$" "^System\\.map$"
"/obsolete/" "^obsolete/"
"linux-[0-9]\\.[0-9]\\.log" "trampoline\\.hex" "trampoline$" "kernel/hexify"
"drivers/char/consolemap_deftbl\\.c$" "ktrace$"
"scripts/memleak/findaddr$" "scripts/split-include$" "include/config"
;; kernel debugging patch (kdb) files
"^map\\.out$" "^ksym\\.c$" "^System\\.map\\.sv$" "^map$"
"^ksym\\.h$" "^dummy_sym\\.c$"

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