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SubjectRe: diff -X exclude_file for patching live kernels?
Tigran Aivazian wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Does some kind soul have an exclude file for being able to run
> diff -urN -X exclude_file linux linux-patched > my.patch 2>&1
> i.e. I can put patterns like "*.o" ".config" etc etc but it will take time
> to find them all out.
> This would allow making patches from the compiled patched tree without
> having to do "make mrproper" each time.

I keep my "clean" tree uncompiled. (I copy it to
linux-<version>.<machine> when I compile it for a specific machine in
my cluster)

I then touch (create 0-length files) the files in the old tree that I
know to be new in the modied tree. I then do

ln -sf linux-<version>.<patched> linux
diff -ur linux-<version>.clean linux

Note that this creates pathnames into a tree named "linux", just like
Linus distributed his patches. (I still recommend going into the
tree you want to patch and then use patch -p1)

If you want to start building the exclude pattern, I would say that
you should review the patch manually anyway. This weeds out some bad
stuff anyway.


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