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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kanoj-mm17-2.3.21 kswapd vma scanning protection
> Kanoj Sarcar wrote:
> > Explain ... who are the readers, and who are the writers? I think if you
> > are talking about a semaphore lock being held thru out swapout() in the
> > try_to_swap_out path, you are reduced to the same deadlock I just pointed
> > out. I was talking more about a monitor like approach here.
> The lock is held thru out swapout(), but it is a shared lock: multiple
> swapper threads can own it. There should be no lock-up.
> reader: swapper. Reentrancy is not a problem because it is a read-lock,
> ie shared. The implementation must starve exclusive waiters (ie a reader
> is allowed to continue even if a writer is waiting).
> write: everyone who changes the vma list. These functions must not sleep
> while owning the ERESOURCE (IIRC the NT kernel name) exclusive.
> I hope I have not overlocked a detail,
> Manfred

With an eye partly towards this implementation, I had the page stealer
code grab vmlist_access_lock, while others get vmlist_modify_lock,
although in mm.h, both of these reduce to a down() operation.

The reason I am not very keen on this solution either is if you
consider process A holding vmlist_access_lock of B, going into swapout(),
where it tries to get a (sleeping) driver lock. Meanwhile, process B
has the driver lock, and is trying to grab the vmlist_update_lock on
itself, ie B, maybe to add/delete the vma. I do not think there is
such a driver currently though.


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