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SubjectIP Masq weirdness
It's about due for me to post here again.  Hopefully i'll get another quick
answer to this :) I'm not on the list so cc me plz in any responses.

Okay! When moving from 2.2.10 to 2.2.12, my ip masq setup broke. I have a
static cable modem IP, but downstream only cable. So i dial up, the ISP
gives me an IP from the dialup pool. Then i do "ip addr add cableip dev
ppp0". So now i can bind to either ip on my linux machine, whether i want
my cable segment to see the results or not :) Great. Now i delete the
static route and do "ip route add default dev ppp0 src cableip" because i
want it to use the cable modem by default. Super. Now anything i do from
the linux machine works fine. Uses the correct ip. No problem. When i try
to connect from behind the machine in 2.2.10 or earlier, it works fine too.
Uses the cable ip. Then I upgraded to 2.2.12. Any connections from the
linux machine still work correctly, but when a masq'd machine connects, it
gets the dialup ip. I tried 2.2.11 then, and it was broken there too.

Bug or feature? :)

Joseph Gooch

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