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SubjectRe: Updated i386 bootcode rewrite patch...

I see that the patch submitted by Chris Noe <>
requires a minimum of binutils-

Chris Noe says:

Simple patch that takes all the as86/ld86 stuff in arch/i386/boot and
makes it use standard GNU as/ld. Needs a minimum of binutils-,
but that's it (that is the minimum per Documentation/Changes for 2.2
anyway). I'd love to see this squeeze into 2.3 as a 'bugfix' as no new
features are anywhere to be found, I swear. :)

As I read Documentation/Changes, it currently states that
the minimum binutils required is
- Binutils ; ld -v
It also mentions, but does not require

Chris Noe says that "This thing has been tested by many people"
but if this is what made it into linux-2.3.21 then none
of those people were running binutils

I didn't here back from an Chris Ricker
Re: bbootsect.s Error: base/index register must be 32 bit register
on updating Documentation/Changes to reflect this new requirements for
binutils clearly.

David Dyck

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