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SubjectRe: ce wanted: WebFS term project
On Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 11:26:45AM -0500, Drew Bernat wrote:

> cd /web/ ; cat index.html
> 1) Is this sane?

How do you treat links? Can you do 'cat
index.html/file-that-is-linked-from-index.html' ? how do you, then, treat
circular links?

The problem here is that HTTP is content-oriented, not file system
oriented. Someone has done this for FTP (where it _does_ make sense)
already, I'll have to dig out the patch. I think a file system for HTTP is
kind of pointless.

Do a 'cache slow media on fast ones' file system instead, that will benefit
many people. like "mount server:/home -o cache=/tmp/nfs.cache,40960" :-)

Just my EUR 0.02...

_ciao, Jens_______________________________

Windows NT indeed has very low Total Cost of Ownership. Trouble is,
Microsoft _owns_ Windows NT. You just licensed it.

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