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    SubjectRe: SMP-CPU + IDE-HD + 2.2.13pre15
    > Yes it is going to be messy and long......

    I've been going through the locking and its really hard to follow quite
    what is being locked in places. The irq one is pretty nasty. We can't allow
    an IRQ to come in - even momentarily during the lock and disable irq
    sequence, yet we can't disable the irq with locks held as the IRQ might
    already be running.

    I have the request queue stuff partly fixed now, I need to sort out the error
    propogation bit.

    > Recall that it was around 2.1.122 that offered to pick up the pieces and
    > go.......Thus I have been playing catchup from before day one.

    Yes. And I dont envy any one trying to fix that IDE locking bug - its a nasty

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