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SubjectRe: 2.3.20 will not boot (PCI problem)
> Martin, let's just change the defaults: NOT call the BIOS by default (and
> maybe have a kernel command line to say "pciirq=bios" for the two people
> who need it and have a working BIOS) because I'll bet this is not going to
> be the only report on machines not booting when more people start testing.
> And it's not as we got the interrupt numbes wrong by just looking them up
> by hand.

We can also use the $PIR rom table. This gives you a table of the PCI irq
routing, at least for the primary bus.

With ACPI the ACPI database gives a semi-parseable data table (actually its
a complete horror). [ACPI has turned into such a catastrophe MS Win 98 OSR2
basically doesnt use it]

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