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SubjectRe: PUBLIC CHALLENGE: (was RE: devfs again, (was RE: USB device alloc ation) )

On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, David Ford wrote:

> Horst von Brand wrote:
> > > /etc/passwd, /etc/group
> >
> > Those describe users and groups, not permissions per se.
> consider them a dynamic group of permissions which identify who's got the
> rights to what files (excuse me, anything resembling files which does also
> include sockets and pipe creatures), and this is as dynamic as any other
> config file.

UNIX 101 time. Again... "Who" in UNIX has _nothing_ with username.
/etc/passwd and /etc/group is the database for login and friends - they
use it to pick the identity by the external name. System knows nothing
about usernames. Moreover, several usernames can match the same identity
(e.g. with different shells being exec'ed by login(1)). Names are _only_
for output - as the matter of fact programs a-la ls do reverse lookup in
/etc/passwd. Lookup by the number.

Folks, what about learning some _basics_ of the system you are working
with? There is a lot of FAQs, after all. news.answers is (should be) on
every newsserver and it's archived on Frankly, it sucks. I
mean, "we want to do something new and wonderful, so we can't be bothered
to learn anything about those boring, old things" had been tried. Results
are also known - so-called "New Technology". Are you sure that you are
dealing with the right OS?

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