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SubjectSMP-CPU + IDE-HD + 2.2.13pre15
[1.] One line summary of the problem:    

2.2.13pre15 gives 'NULL ptr exception OOPS:' and 'hda: lost interrupt's

[2.] Full description of the problem/report:

gcc-, egcs-1.1.2 and gcc-2.95.1
*no* RAID support at all


I recompiled 2.2.13pre15 *both* with egcs-2.91.66 (egcs-1.1.2 release)
and gcc- as opposed to my previous one compiled with gcc-2.95.1
and, unfortunately, the 'NULL ptr exception + hda: lost interrupt'
issue are always present.

The box is a SMP-CPU + IDE-HD PC.

When this happens (usually when compiling or doing some massive HD
work like an rsync) I cannot access hda anymore and no kernel log is
written either (the logs are on hda). The only way out is power off
(since sync or shutdown or whatever hang) ... As a consequence I have
no data or OOPS: to present for debugging.

I did try to follow the thread about this on this kernel list but I am
not sure what kind of conclusion was taken. For one thing, 2.2.13pre14
(and, in fact, none of previous kernels) never had this
issue. Independent of the compiler and compiler flags I use. Also, my
uniprocessor Laptop does not have this issue either. Even with an -O6
optimised gcc-2.95.1 compiled 2.2.13pre15.

So it looks like something generic between 2.2.13pre14 and 2.2.13pre15
has given rise to this SMP-CPU + IDE-HD conflict. Should this change be undone?

Here is scripts/ver_linux (I am running 2.2.13pre14 now since that one
runs fine and I need the box reliably up).

marc@pc-brew:~ $ [bash] . /var/src/system/linux-2.2.13pre15/scripts/ver_linux
-- Versions installed: (if some fields are empty or looks
-- unusual then possibly you have very old versions)
Linux pc-brew 2.2.13pre14 #1 SMP Tue Sep 28 16:31:18 CEST 1999 i686 unknown
Kernel modules 2.1.121
Gnu C 2.95.1
Linux C Library*
awk: cmd. line:1: (FILENAME=- FNR=2) fatal: attempt to access field -1
Dynamic linker ldd (GNU libc) 2.1.2
Linux C++ Library ..
Procps 2.0.5
Mount 2.9y
Net-tools 1.53
Console-tools 0.3.3
Sh-utils 2.0
Sh-utils Parker.
Sh-utils Inc.
Sh-utils NO
Sh-utils PURPOSE.
Modules Loaded ipv6 snd-pcm1-oss sg loop ip_masq_raudio ip_masq_irc ip_masq_ftp snd-card-ens1370
snd-ens1370 snd-pcm1 snd-timer snd-ak
4531-codec snd-midi snd-mixer snd-pcm snd soundcore acquirewdt softdog nfsd lockd sunrpc lp parport_pc parport
af_packet autofs

Thank you very much dear kernel people for looking into this.


-- Cisco Systems CATS Team TAC Brussels --
Marc Duponcheel tel: +32 2 704 52 40

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