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    SubjectRe: New Kernel Problems
    On Wed, 06 Jan 1999 12:43:08 -0500, Adam Grossman <> writes:
    > i tried looking in the HOW-TO, FAQS, and other sources of info, but i
    > couldn't find the answer anywhere...
    > I have RH5.1/x86 and I compiled kernel v2.0.36. it boooted up, but i
    > have a problem where i can't see certain files anymore. e.g. i can't see
    > the link "/lib/modules/preferred->2.0.34/" when you boot up 2.0.36, but
    > i can when i boot up in 2.0.34. and when i try to create the link
    > "/lib/modules/preferred->2.0.36/" while in kernel 2.0.36, i can create
    > it, but it is gone when i reboot.......
    > i have no idea what i did wrong, but i am assuming it's something when i
    > configured the kernel...

    A RedHat system automatically creates the /lib/modules/preferred
    symbolic link to point the the module directory corresponding to the
    kernel you're running. This is done in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit on every

    Make sure you've built and installed the modules for the 2.0.36 kernel
    with 'make modules; make modules_install', and reboot to 2.0.36.

    Then, type:

    # cat /proc/version > /lib/modules/2.0.36/.rhkmvtag

    The rc.sysinit uses this tag to verify the kernel version and the
    modules belong together. Next time you restart, everything will be
    back to normal[*].

    [*] You can avoid this restart if you reexecute only the actions in
    the rc.sysinit script that would depend on the change you made

    Good luck,

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