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    SubjectRe: IP Firewalling/Redirect
    On Wed, Jan 06, 1999 at 09:53:20AM +1100, John Newnham wrote:
    > In article <> you write:
    > > On Sun, Jan 03, 1999 at 05:50:38AM -0600, Major'Trips' wrote:
    > > > Problems came when I tried to ping/telnet ..ect.. ( use anything
    > > > other then nslookup ). The request would hang and I would get back
    > > > something to the aspect of "host not found" after a timeout period.
    > ...
    > > Thusly I would reccomend that apon handling a redirection on
    > > the input I would think the output of that port would need to
    > > be translated in some way to perform a trully transparent
    > > feature.
    > UDP is a datagram protocol. It does not form a virtual circuit.
    > TCP is a connected protocol. It _does_ form a circuit, as soon as
    > the connection is made. The circuit carries data in both directions.
    > You have redirected the UDP traffic flowing in one direction.
    > You have _not_ redirected the UDP traffic flowing in the other
    > direction.
    > Things are working exactly as they are designed to work.
    > bfn,
    > ashtray

    I was not aware that redirection could occure on the outbound
    rule. Actually. Looking at the documentation I don't see that
    it can.

    "Reality is what you can get away with!"
    ++Robert Anton Wilson
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