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SubjectRe: "System is too big. Try using bzImage or modules."
Robert Kiesling enscribed thusly:

> I got this message trying "make zImage." Uncompressed vmlinux is
> 1500675 bytes. Make bzImage works fine, and the system boots fine.
> Below I attached the .config. If someone could gimme a clue, I'd be
> grateful.

Sound like you already solved your problem. You're configuration
has now grown too large for the size constraints of zImage so you change
over the bzImage. Sssooo... What's the problem?

I've been building bzImage almost exclusively with 2.1.x and now
2.2.x kernels for almost anything outside of stripped down configurations.
As soon as I started tinkering with IPv6, I had to change over...

Which brings up something really interesting. That config file
LOOKS like a very recent rev, 2.1.132 or later. The fact that CONFIG_SMP
is there rather than the Makefile is a strong hint there. Problem though...
Where are all of the IPv6 options? Should be a couple of them. That
makes me think that menuconfig may have missed somethings that may be
defaulted to "yes" and you may have more than what you think in there.
Maybe not, but it seems peculiar to not have certain options show up, if
only in comments saying that they are not set...

That config file was right around 350 lines long. All of mine are
in the 400 to 500 range. Seems a bit short, but maybe menuconfig leaves
out a few more things...

> --

> Robert Kiesling

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