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SubjectRe: short display with 2.1.132-ac3, matroxfb and XF86_SVGA 3.3.3
On Jan 2, 10:15am, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> And YES, the acceleration and everything else code should work without
> changes. Which is exactly my point - why the hell would anybody be so
> stupid as to make a XF86_FBdev that does acceleration for all the chips
> out there where we ALREADY have that code written and packaged up?
> Somebody must be on drugs. Maybe it's me, but quite frankly, your
> arguments just don't make sense to me at all.

The main reason to use the frame buffer code, in my opinion, is in cases where
the chipset is not supported at all. (My 16 meg Voodoo2 Banshee card, for
example.) Adding chipset detection for existing cards in the X client is just
going to make it slower. Better to optimize the X driver for the framebuffer.
(But that is something for the XFree86/XOpen lists, not here...)

Alan Olsen

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