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SubjectRe: mirroring inconsistency
On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Steve VanDevender wrote:

stevev> I'm getting a bit disturbed by an inconsistency between the
stevev> mirrors. For example, I have just connected to
stevev>, which apparently carries only bz2 files
stevev> and not gz files.

Not to mention that some mirrors also do not delete files that were
deleted from the master archive at For instance, has several LATEST-IS-2.2.0-preX files. I'm sticking
to the closest/fastest mirror I find and using its canonical name
explicitly to mirror just the latest several releases in bz2 format.

stevev> It seems to defeat the purpose if mirrors don't
stevev> actually carry the full contents of, even accounting
stevev> for any lag in pulling down new files.

Presumeably, the LKMS is only meant for end-users downloading a couple
files, not for re-mirroring part of the archive. I don't think it is
unreasonable in that case to require the user to get bzip2, considering
its increasing popularity and benefits; at least it comes with most recent
distributions. What would be nice is if tar supported bz2 directly so one
could use "tar xvzf foo.tar.bz2".

Charles R. Anderson : Senior CS Major @ WPI :
"Open Source UNIX is shaped by people who use it. Microsoft shapes NT to
respond to competitive threats." - Nicholas Petreley, NC World, June 1998

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