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SubjectRe: howto disable auto route setup?
In article <>,
<> wrote:
>In article <36B33FFF.E6FEB852@Synopsys.COM> you wrote:
>: Paul Jakma wrote:
>: so the kernel claimed to know better. Of course it had no idea about
>: the wished dial on demand configuration and broke the routing with
>: each new autoloaded network interface. Some very ugly workarounds
>: (especially for Linux) became necessary within pppd and ipppd.
>Proofs, please 8)
>Kernel knows better what interface routes to install by definition
>of interface routes.

Nonsense. If I want the computer to automatically install routes
when I ifconfig an interface up, I'll do it in ifconfig -- it might
be useful to have an option to big brother the kernel for people who
want to tweak their networking, have written their own replacement
for ifconfig, but who don't know enough about networking to add the
proper routes.

david parsons \bi/ Though it should be easy to patch this behavior
\/ out of the kernel.

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