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    SubjectNFS causes mail loss and other nasties

    This problem appeared in 2.1.x; it disappared briefly somewhere between
    2.1.132 and 2.2.0-final, but is now back in 2.2.1. My NFS client machine is
    a 2.2.1-based Alpha, the server is a 2.0.35 machine running nfs-server

    To put it simply, the following sequence causes mail loss in every client
    I've tried:

    * Mail is in my mailbox
    * I delete it
    * New mail arrives
    * Mailbox is synced to disk (client unaware of new mail), new mail
    is deleted with no warning.

    Now, here's what's interesting. I can do a ls -l of the mailbox, and it
    will show up with a certain size on the server. On the client, it will show
    up with a certain *SMALLER* size! (This would be the period of time between
    when the new mail arrives and the client is aware of it).

    Now. How come non-Linux OSs have no trouble in this situation? How come
    2.0.x works? How come 2.2.x does not? How can it be fixed?

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