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SubjectRe: Bloat thread...
On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Michael Loftis wrote:

> Since all of you seem to be closed-minded and convinced that nothing can be
> done this is obviously the wrong place to discuss it.

OK, fuckwit you asked for it.

1) The size of the sources has nothing to do with the size of the compiled

2) There's nothing stopping you from compiling the kernel on a better
specified machine and copying the resulting binary to your under endowed

3) This mailing list isn't for problems of this nature. MCIBTYC.

4) If you're gagging for it, you can delete some of the stuff you
obviously don't need in the sources and make your own "Baby-Linux" kernel
source tree.

5) You've proved that you're a knobhead of the highest order in not
listening to those of us who _do_ know better. I'm not kidding.

Go away, FUD-for-brains.

> I'm not going to respond to any more messages on this thread.

Welcome to my procmail killfilter, goalpost head.

/\_/\ Legalise cannabis now!
( o.o ) Grow some cannabis today!
> ^ < Peace, Love, Unity and Respect to all. - *new* - Leaving the States for good!

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